Q: Is there a cost for joining?
A: No, there is no fee to join Elite Top 20.

Q: How does it work?
A: Visitors (buyers and sellers) come to the elitetop20.com looking for an agent in a specific geographic area. The visitor can search by name, city, state or company.  On every agent profile page visitors can click to the agents website and the nonprofit website the agent has chosen. Once an agent has been selected the visitor fills out a short contact form and sends it to the agent.

The agent then receives an email from Elite Top 20 letting them know they have received a referral and would they like to accept it. After accepting the referral the agent is sent another email providing the agent with the complete contact information for the visitor. Attached to the email is a Referral Agreement to be signed by the parties. When the transaction is completed  Elite Top 20 receives the entire referral fee from escrow.  Elite Top 20 then contacts the nonprofit and sends 50% of the referral fee to them in the name of the agent.

Q: Can anyone join?
A: Yes, anyone can join as long as they register and fill out the required information. Agents will be listed in order of highest sales volume in by geographic area. This will assist clients finding the most qualified “Elite” agents quickly and easily.

Q: Why do you ask for sales volume?
A: Elite Top 20 tracks sales volume to create the presented lists of Agents. Sales Volume  contributes to an agent’s ranking by geographic area.

Q: Why do you ask for my Broker information?
A: Two reasons
1.    To verify the Sales Volume of the their agent and,
2.    When a referral agreement is generated the broker of record for the agent will need to be contacted.

Q: Do I have to pick a nonprofit?
A: Yes, Elite Top 20 was created to fund nonprofits. You can choose any non-profit. It is best if they are a 501c3 and they have a website. Having a website will help the client learn more about the nonprofit and possibly influence their decision to contact you. Additionally, agents who work closely with their non-profit can work closely to promote themselves to other individuals who have interest in the non-profits cause.

Q: Who gets the credit for the donation to the nonprofit?
A: After the completion of the transaction, 50% of the 20% referral payment will be sent by Elite Top 20 to the nonprofit in the name of the Agent.

Q: How does Elite Top 20 make money?
A: Elite Top 20 currently receives fifty percent (50%) of the twenty percent (20%) referral fee.

Q: Why did you create Elite Top 20?
A: When Covid 19 began my Daughter, who was 12 at the time,  came to me and asked how we could help people in need. She wanted to assist charities and nonprofits that she and others cared about. She also needed a job for the summer. The idea to use part of a referral fee to incentivize buyers and sellers while supporting charitable causes was a concept I had considered for many years. I decided then and there we would work together to design and build the site. We launched the site that Summer. Elite Top 20 was born and both of us have never looked back . To this day my Daughter is still very involved in the site. Watching the site grow has been a wonderful experience for both of us.

Q: What is geographic expertise?
A: Geographic expertise refers to the specific market area (city/town) that an Agent has the most knowledge and experience with in regards to sales, listings and appraisal values.

Q: The city I work in isn't on your list?
A: If you don't see your city please request it by emailing info@elitetop20.om

Q: I don't know my sales volume?
A: Ask your broker of record. They should have the figures on file.

Q: When will you be asking for 2020 Sales Volume figures?
A: We will be requesting 2020 sales figures the end of January 2021.

Q: How do you know the sales volume figures are true?
A: We rely on the agents and brokers honesty. It is in their best interest to report and accurate sales volume figures in order to not tarnish any future opportunity to receive referrals on Elite Top 20. If a discrepancy does arise, we hold the right to ask for the agents sales volume figures from their broker of record for the calendar year in question. Should we do find a discrepancy in the numbers the agents profile with be removed until further notice.

Q: Where do your Buyers and Sellers come from?
A: Buyers and Sellers come from SEO, Advertising, News Articles and cross marketing with the Agents nonprofit

Q: When were you established?
A: Elite Top 20 was established July 2020.

If you have any questions contact us at info@elitetop20.com