In April of 2020 covid19 was just taking over. My Daughter Charlotte, who at the time was 13, came to me and asked “how we could help people ?”. I told her I had an idea to fund non-profits who help lots of people.  We worked all summer gathering database information and building the website EliteTop20.com. We launched in September of 2020.  We still work together and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Elite Top 20 was created to do two things.   Find top Real Estate Agents/Commercial Brokers in a geographic area and help fund non-profits.   How does it work?   It’s simple.   A visitor to Elite Top 20 is typically a Buyer or Seller of real estate.   They are searching for a top agent/broker to represent them.   Visitors can search by Name, Company, City, or State. 

Visitors can review the a profile, visit their website, and review the Charity of  agent/brokers choice.   The next step is to make contact using the Referral Contact / Approval Form.

To verify, the Visitor they must fill in their mobile number for verification.

The agent/broker then receives the visitors contact information and contacts the visitor.  

Elite Top 20 receives a twenty percent (20%) referral fee for the introduction of the Buyer/Seller to the Agent. Fifty percent (50%) of the referral fee goes to the Agent/brokers charity of choice.

Elite Top 20 member agents/brokers who send a referral  “agent to agent” will receive a twenty percent  (20%) commission. Fifty percent (50%) of the twenty percent (20%) goes to the charity of choice and the other 50% goes to the Agent/Broker giving the referral. Inorder to take advantage of this feature you must be a member of ET20. If you are not a member you will be asked to join.


If you would like an Elite Top 20 logo you can download many different sizes here